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      SANYA won the title of China Famous Trademark after being specializing in manufacturing for 20 years

       Recently, the reporter got the news from the motorcycle business that the trademark of SANYA held by GUANGZHOU SANYA MOTORCYCLE CO., LTD (hereinafter called SANYA) has been decided judicially China Famous Trademark by the State Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, symbolizing that SANYA trademark got the affirmation and recognition by the state’s highest administration department. Till now, it's a big progress made in SANYA's brand building road, what’s more, one more new China Famous Trademark in the Chinese motorcycle business occurs.

      "High credibility" + "public knowness" + "high quality" + "consumers acceptance" is the four core elements of Famous trademark.   In fact, there is only a few of manufacturer could be access to famous trademark in China's motorcycle industry, which is one of unalterable quota to measure  brand level and comprehensive competitive power of enterprises.  Sanya was eventually awarded this reputation, as a result of focusing on motorcycles manufacturing and attending to brand reputation over decades of years. 

      Sanya has treated highly in Brand construction and product development since its establishment of nearly 20 years. To deepen the brand connotation by product innovation, to lead the direction of the product innovation by brand development, SANYA has input large amount of capital on the brand broadcast and product improvement, in return,  SANYA brand image has been increased fast and become  one of  industry innovation benchmark.  Some other factories has started to copy SANYA brand and its products, which force Sanya input more resource and energy to protect its rights and 

      Being "China Famous Trademark" makes SANYA'S future development more powerful. Since then, SANYA not only can effectively prevent malicious imitation, but also consolidate the brand position. SANYA will bring prestige well-known trademarks, continue to lead the consumer trends of Chinese motorcycle and electric vehicle.

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